Save the animals

Save the animals

The Parc des Félins is very involved in the protection of Felines and other endangered species.

This work is very important to the park staff who invest time, energy and money in conservation projects in the wild and in the park.

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Breeding in captivity | The Park's Involvement

  • Given our specificity, we participate with enthusiasm and determination in over thirty EEP and ESBs, from the Siberian Tiger (one of the first six EEPs to be established in 1985) to smaller cats such as the Margay, not forgetting the lemurs.


  • The Parc des Félins registered the first births in France of Fishing Cats, Rusty-Spotted Cats, Asian Golden Cats, Margays, Ocelots, Jaguarundis and Bobcats!



  • The park's curator, Grégory Breton, is the vice-chair of the EAZA Felid TAG since 2008 and became in March 2012 the new EEP coordinator and International Studbook keeper of the sand cat. With the help of some trainees, Grégory also made a census of several feline species whose situation was unknown in Europe. Today, the Jaguarundi, Leopard Cat, Serval and Puma each have a studbook (for more information, see page Studies Carried Out).



  • Finally, Thierry Jardin, director of CERZA zoological park and brother of Patrick Jardin, director of the Parc des Félins, is the coordinator of the European Breeding Programme for the Sri Lankan Leopard.