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About Panthera

PANTHERA is the largest international non-governmental organization working specifically for the conservation of wild felines on our planet and their habitat. Founded in the USA in 2006 by philanthropists Thomas Kaplan and Daphne Recanati-Kaplan following their meeting with biologists Alan Rabinowitz and Georges Schaller, PANTHERA brings together today the most eminent specialists in these animals, experts in site security, as well as lawyers and other professionals who develop and implement innovative conservation strategies - at local, diplomatic, and governmental levels - to protect felines and the vast environments in which they live. Present in 36 countries around the world, and with the help of its various branches including PANTHERA FRANCE, a French-language branch created in 2016, Panthera works with a wide variety of stakeholders to reduce and eliminate the most pressing threats to felines to ensure their future.

"We have decided to make this commitment with Panthera in order to take an active part in the environmental struggle which is in keeping with our establishment and its philosophy. The Parc des Félins, which has a proven track record of breeding, is now stepping up with this higher commitment to the conservation of endangered species. As well as informing our visitors about the threats to our planet, its natural habitats and wildlife, the Parc des Félins will now help to protect from extinction these magnificent species of which our animals are the true ambassadors. Panthera is one of the most effective NGOs in the field and provides us with a guarantee of the donated funds. We know that our financial support and donations from our visitors - from the 2 euros donated by a young girl who has fallen in love with our cheetahs, to the hundreds of euros regularly given by feline enthusiasts who are sensitive to this cause - will be entirely allocated to the programs in the field and will be used in a relevant way for the purpose of conservation because Panthera has the experience and the expertise in the matter and since its creation has shown concrete positive results.” Patrick JARDIN, CEO, and Jonathan Patin, Director.

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You can also make a donation in the various collection urns of the park or request a Panthera application form from any member of our team at the park.

What Will Your Donation Be Used For?

Below are some examples of concrete actions by Panthera in the field.

  • Furs for Life programme

In South Africa, among Zulus of the Shembe church, religious services bring together tens of thousands of people throughout the year. The ceremonial dress of these ritual feasts includes a kind of cape made of leopard skin, a species symbolizing power for them. Rather than present things in a confrontational way to members of the community denouncing the use of these furs, Panthera has developed since 2013 the program “Fur For Life”, corresponding to an exchange of good practice: Providing the Shembe with synthetic capes which look like perfect imitations of leopard fur, in return for no longer killing leopards in the wild for their fur. From 2014-2017, over 18,000 synthetic capes were distributed, resulting in a decrease of 50% in the use of real fur.

Parc des Félins

Shembe dancers – July 2017 / © Gareth Whittington-Jones & Panthera

  • Development of PoacherCams

Photo traps have long been used by biologists to quantify populations and study the biology of many species. Panthera has developed several photo traps for their own use, including the PoacherCam, which is equipped with an immediate satellite transmission to the ranger's base camp. Equipped with an algorithm able to differentiate a human from other animal species, PoacherCams can alert ranger patrols in real-time in case of intrusion into a protected area. Even if the poacher spots the photo trap and destroys it, it will be too late for him as the photo is already transmitted to the rangers and the competent authorities.

Parc des Félins

Training a tiger ranger team, Lake Kenyir / © Nick Beale / Panthera

Parc des Félins

PoacherCam / © Wai Ming Wong / Panthera

These are just two examples of the hundreds of initiatives led by Panthera around the world.