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Tondi's first appearance and first photo

News of Tondi, our new male Sumatran tiger!

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You have been able to follow the latest news from the Parc des Félins through various media, as well as its commitment to conservation programmes devoted to the Sumatran tiger subspecies.

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Tondi, who arrived at the Parc des Félins on 19 October 2012, is getting used to his new environment and especially his new future partner Isha, who arrived at the park in June.


Both of them take turns to occupy their immense enclosure in the Asian circuit.

A Few Reminders 

Introducing big cats to each other is not so easy. Many things have to be taken into consideration, and our keepers have to evaluate each day the ideal moment to progress with the introduction to each other.


For the moment Isha and Tondi are in the first stages of contact, with olfactory and visual exchanges, but no direct contact. We must wait a few weeks before considering putting them together in their enclosure.

The two cats are therefore let out in alternance into their enclosure, which they will soon be sharing. 

Tondi can now be seen by the general public

Tondi at the Parc des Félins. Photo Daniel Manganelli

Tondi at the Parc des Félins. Photo Daniel Manganelli

Sumatran tigers' new enclosure. Photo Parc des félins

Sumatran tigers' new enclosure. Photo Parc des félins

He explores his new territory, searches for odours left by the female, assesses and marks his territory, but still stays hidden from his future girlfriend!


Do not hesitate to come and see the park staff and talk to them about these new cats, who are ambassadors of their subspecies. 


Populations of Sumatran tigers are threatened by the cultures of palm oil and paper pulp and are in a critical condition. We may soon be witness to their extinction if we do not act quickly.




Help us protect this fabulous species.


Help us protect the tiger!