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The adventure of Simbad the Persian leopard

Dear Visitors, 

Many of you have asked us for news of Simbad, a Persian leopard born in the Parc des Félins in 2013, who left the park on 28 July to find freedom in Sochi National Park in Russia.

Here is some news of his departure:

After 9 months working with the Russians, Grégory Breton was able to finalise the departure of Simbad and the arrival of Grom on Sunday, 2 August. 
Grom is a young male who is not related to any Persian leopard in captivity, and will therefore become the new founder of this sub-species, being able to introduce new genes into the European breeding programme.

Simbad arrived safely in Russia, and has already become a bit of a celebrity. Russian journalists were present throughout the exchange, as was the first national television channel. This was because it was the first time a Persian leopard born in captivity has been released into a national park, and also because Grom is a star in Russia, having been photographed young in the arms of president Vladimir Putin.

We are extremely proud to have activitly participated in this event, which is the essence of our profession and hope that many of you will follow the adventures of Simbad.

Here are a few photos of the transportation and arrival of Simbad in Russia.