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Discover the name of our baby Canadian lynx

A few weeks ago we asked for your help in choosing a name for the baby Canadian lynx born this year.
The names for the second litter were chosen by the park keepers, but we invited you to choose from three names for our first Canadian lynx cub born in the park.

This morning, the ballot boxes were emptied and the votes counted. All donations collected during this operation will be distributed to the conservation programmes supported by the association SOS Félins & Co.

Salcha: 110.90 Euros
Matawa: 198.56 Euros
Niagara: 276.45 Euros

Little Niagara and the whole team at the Parc des Félins would like to thank all the visitors for their donations, enabling us to collect 585.91€ for the conservation of cats in-situ!