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Arrival of 3 female cheetahs

Dear Visitors,

The Parc des Félins recently welcomed three young female cheetahs from Peaugres safari park, as part of an European exchange for species conservation. 

Utopie, Uranie and Ukraine are just over a year old, and will soon be meeting our breeding males. For the time being, they are together in the first enclosure near to the park entrance where you can see them from the viewing post.

A few reminders

Earlier this year we welcomed Laurie Marker, world specialist on the protection of cheetahs in Namibia, who came to explain to us the critical situation of the cheetah in the wild.
The cheetah figures on the UICN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Red List as a vulnerable species (African subspecies threatened, Asiatic subspecies in a critical situation). Its estimated population varies from 10 000 to 15 000 individuals in Africa.
90% of the population has disappeared in the last century for several reasons: hunting (despite a ban since the 1990's); predators; and genetic problems.

There are 500 cheetahs in captivity in Europe today The Parc des Félins contributes to the protection of the species with 10 cheetahs, and one birth (Lorike) in 2012.

The captive population has considerably grown in the last few decades, thanks to the European exchange programme for cheetahs in captivity. The primary aims of the programme are to limit consanguinity and to study the species.