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Guest Speaker Laurie Marker - 28 February 2015

Dear Visitors,

Don't forget that on Saturday, 28 February at 3 pm
Laurie Marker will be coming to the park as our guest speaker.

Dr Laurie Marker, founder of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), strives for the protection of cheetahs in Namibia, but also in other countries.

Recognised around the world for her work and experience, she has made the CCF into an organisation essential to the protection of the cheetah.

The CCF helps certain countries to develop action programmes which have already proven successful in Namibia, for example Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Iran, Algeria, and more recently, Angola.

You can help us by sponsoring this species in our park via SOS Félins & Co. Funds will be donated to the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) for the protection of the cheetah, or by simply learning about this magnificent cat by attending the conference on 28 February. You will be able to meet Dr Marker and ask her questions about her work at 3 pm during the conference.

Seize this unique opportunity, as Laurie Marker has only been to France twice since she set up the CCF in 1990. 

Some of the missions of the Cheetah Conservation Fund:

- The Bushblock project (compact invasive bushes to make firewood and thus reduce conflict between Man/animal)

- Breeding of dogs to protect livestock and therefore reduce the kiling of cheetahs whicih are held responsible for attacking the herds

- Scientific research on the biology, ecology and genetics of the cheetah

- Educational programmes not only in schools, but also in universities and at an international level

- The rehabilitation of young cheetah in the wild

- Reducing conflict between humans and wildlife

We are looking forward to seeing you to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the CCF on Saturday, 28 February, but also to share our passion for animals and felids whilst enjoying a walk in the park. You will also be able to discover our new white tiger viewing point.