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Talk on Sand Cat Conservation in United Arab Emirates

In 2012, Grégory Breton was appointed Head of the European Breeding Programme (EEP) and manager of the International Studbook for the sand cat (Felis margarita).

Gregory was honoured to be invited last week as main speaker to Al Ain Zoo (UAE) as part of a seminar on the conservation of this species in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Parc des Félins' reputation and the quality of its work is now recognised throughout Europe. Gregory's investment in this mission was made possible by the support of Patrick Jardin and the Parc des Félins team. This enthusiasm and willingness to act make the difference between the parks that follow the breeding programmes, and those that manage them.

Some sand cat figures: 
- 172 individuals in captivity worldwide.
- 886 individuals recorded since 1966 in the international studbook created in 1988.
- With 24 animals founding the captive population, this is one of the most viable felid species after the Siberian/Sumatran
   tiger, snow leopards and Amur leopard.
- The sand cat breeding programme is the most successful EEP.
- Sand cats are kept in 21 institutions in Europe.
- 40% of the populations in captivity are in the Arabian Peninsula.
- 3 baby sand cats were born in the Parc des Félins this year (only 4 litters were bornin the world this year).

Gregory is heavily involved in the programme and in 2013 he went to the Moroccan Sahara to set up the first stages of a collaboration project for the study and conservation of the sand cat in the area. This could be the first in situ conservation programme created by the Parc des Félins and its association SOS Félins & Co.