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Fancy a Holiday?

Dear Visitors,
No need to look far for place to entertain yourselves during the summer,
 you can come and see our majestic cat species from all over the world 
at the Parc des Félins for only 17.50€ for adults, and free for the under 3's 

Watch, listen, discover

Have fun with our friendly goats
Try the Trans'Félins, a 25 minute train ride up close to the animals.

Run with the tigers in our 4D attraction.
Discover our group of 62 lemurs, and numerous babies born this year (sand cats, clouded leopards, Pallas cats, Siberian tigers, servals, European wildcats, and many more...)

A trip around the Parc des Félins takes at least 3 and a half hours 
in a magnificent 71 hectare woodland park
(picnic area in the park, free parking), an educational team available to answer all your questions.

Everything you need for a fun day out!