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20 July 2013 : 5th Early Morning Opening at the Parc des Félins

Naturally fascinating!

The Day's Agenda

6 am to 9 am: Observation of the cats from 6.30 am, visitors' welcome - coffee/muffin from 6 am*

9 am to 7.30 pm: Day visit of the park

2.30 pm: "Searching for the Sand Cat" by Grégory Breton, Coordinator of the breeding programme for the species, Assistant Director of the Parc des Félins.

4 pm:  Auction of below paintings by Maryse Louis. Proceeds to go to the programme.

Continuously throughout the day, exhibition of animal watercolour paintings by Christian Renaut.

* Price: 21.50 €/adult, 15€ for 3-9 year olds from 6 am to 9 am including entry to the park + 1 hot drink and a muffin at the Caz'Kroute. 5€ for annual passholders and holders of pre-sold ticket. Normal price from 9 am to closing of park.

                              No booking required for this event.