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Your Help Need for a Study on Predation


The Zoological Department of the Parc des Félins is currently carrying out a study on natural predation which will take place throughout the year.

Our leopards, lynx and other cats hunt and catch numerous prey in their enclosures such as pigeons, ducks, blackbirds, rodents, rabbit and even buzzards and snakes!

The keepers are already compiling all their observations on these prey but we also need your contributions!

We appeal to all of you with photos of cats hunting and who wish to help us.

Please send us your photos in small resolution ((600 to 800 pixels wide max.) including the exact date of the event. No need to send complete sequences of hunting, we only need one cliché per successful hunt, ideally a photo allowing us to best identify the prey. To reassure some of you, these photos will not be published and will be deleted after collection of the necessary data.
The aim, after two years of data collection, will be to publish an article on the subject, with photos by photographers who also accept to have their photos published in HD (they will be recontacted subsequently).
Please send your photos to the following address: animaliers (at)

Thanking you all in advance,

Grégory Breton
Biologist, Parc des Félins