Exhibition/Sale of Watercolour Paintings 20-26 April

Dear Visitors, 

We are pleased to announce that the Parc des Félins will be organising a week dedicated to artists and the love of cats.

From 20 to 26 April 2015 during opening hours, you can come and look at, and why not buy, one of the paintings done by our 17 artists.

With two photographs taken at the Parc des Félins, Jack Hurault has immortalised Banda, our Sumatran tigress.
From these photos, 17 artists, some of which are known worldwide, have decided to pay tribute to Banda by creating a portrait of her using various techinques.
Some portraits have already been completed and we can give you here a preview of their works.


So we invite you to finish off your tour of the Parc des Félins from 20-26 April 2015 with an exhbitiion of the 17 paintings.