Our car park has a capacity of 1000 places and is free of charge.

Special places are reserved for disabled people (near the park entrance) and for coaches.

Picnic areas

There are two picnic areas, - one is outside near the cheetah enclosure and the other one is inside (500 places).

A micro-wave oven is available for heating food.


You can rent a pair of binoculars for the day at the gift shop for 3 €. Just leave us an ID card or your driving licence as a deposit.

Pushchairs and carts

Pushchairs and carts are for hire at the park entrance for 5 €/day. An ID card or driving licence will be required as a deposit.


Wheelchairs are available for people of reduced mobility for 6 € a day (on a first come first served basis). An ID card or driving licence will be required as a deposit.

Hyper PMR !
The Hyper PMR (space equipped with a bed) is reserved for people mobility-impaired requiring special care (exchange, medical care by supervisors). To access the Hyper PMR, thank you to introduce yourself at the reception.

Hyper PMR

L'hyper PMR (espace équipé d'un lit) est réservé aux personnes à mobilité réduite nécessitant des soins particuliers(changes, soins médicaux réalisés par les personnes encadrantes). Pour accéder à l'hyper PMR, merci de vous présenter à l'accueil.